YGFI authors

Greetings all,

Raven Knightshade – Author, Afterlife Institutions including Knightshade Manor, The Abbey et al. YGFI is trying to encourage Raven into writing some blogs, although she is quite old-fashioned and often presses pen to paper to develop her novels.

Yvonne-Cher Skye – Author, Archaeological handbook, Anthropology Dictionary, Marine Species keyguide and blogger.

Janelle Smith – Author, Following a Crow, A Knightly Encounter, Softly singing my sweet, Visions within my mind.

Sue Baczik – Author for Ellensburg Theater (Gold Beach, OR) companies postings, as well as reporter for Curry County Reporter.

DJ Suter – Author, writer for sports sections of local newspapers, and blogger.

These are the current roll call of authors who contribute to Your Girl Friday International. If you want to know more about any of these authors, their blog can be found here at wordpress as well as blogspot.

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