Coquille Crow

Dear Readers,

The Coquille Crow is an Arts & Entertainment publication that I, Yvonne-Cher Skye created to inform the public of local arts and entertainment events and artists in the Southern Oregon Coastal region.  This started out as a community service, with no political affiliations but with the idea that we live in a capitalist system that allows for multiple resources and businesses to participate in within the public domain.  As it began a year and half ago, the intention was to offer groups who are unable to fund their advertising via the local monopolistic newspapers.  Part of this is an extremely low pay scale, adversely reacting to those same newspapers who due to the whim of the publisher would provide a horrible representation of the business or organization via misspellings, omissions of details and a various other tactics to bully their competition.  I have never seen the Crow as a competitor; as I have made every effort to stay specifically an Arts & Entertainment publication with no intention of becoming a newspaper.

This is the direction that the Crow was required to move in, rather than just keeping to the grassroots intention of helping the local community economy, as many non-profits are closing due to lack of information and participation by the community.  As this last year has shown, the lack of funding for the success of this publication has fallen largely on my shoulders as the tactics of bullying have succeeded. I have recently been made aware that this competitor publication has now dispensed a newsletter type publication with a name similar to the Coquille Crow, trying to replicate my format.  Imitation is the highest for of flattery, is what I have heard.

However, it is absolutely my intention to continue to provide this service, and nurture the online version which a link is provided to the wordpress page where you can read about small town America and the people and events that provide a secular, creative aspect to their lives.


Coquille Crow

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