Partners and Clients of YGFI – Past and Present

Hello All,

The following is a list of clients, partners, friends who are all currently working with and being supported by Your Girl Friday International.


Janelle Smith who wrote the Sara series commencing with Following a Crow. The second novel A Knightly Encounter is forthcoming.  She also created the Archaya series, which began with Rhuba, to be followed by Stelan, Davian, Katol, and Torana, all of whom you met in Rhuba. Metaphysical, Fantasy and Spiritual subjects. As well as several non-fiction articles and books on the topics of anthropology, psychic phenomena, and social sciences.

Raven Knightshade who wrote the Afterlife Institutions series, which included the Knightshade Manor fanzines and books. Other titles included in the Afterlife Institutions series are: The Abbey, Browning Memorial Hospital, Dark Highways, Howard Place, Justice Hall, Kerringer Castle, Salisbury Town, Paranormal Palace, and Yarborough Station. Excerpts from these novels can be found on her page. Spiritual and Horror Subjects.

Yvonne-Cher Skye who has written several articles on the topics of anthropology, marine science, and mini-dictionaries for the clients of Your Girl Friday International. She currently develops online articles, posts, photos and blogs for the current clients of Your Girl Friday International.


Sinister October – A current writing project of Raven Knightshade.


Abdullatiff Tounkara – African drummer storyteller who specializes in world beats, folklore and Global Spiritual and environmental conservation messages.


Black Rose Communications – Publishing company with a focus on indigenous people and their lives extending public outreach and educational opportunities to the public.  The following organizations are included with this organization:

  • Bureau of Black Indian Affairs – A grassroots organization that inspires, represents and educates on the topic of Black Indians who are descendents of Native American and African American people and the history of these people.
  • Community Foreclosure Strategists – A grassroots organization who is educating the public about the foreclosure epidemic that is occurring within San Diego, CA, USA.  The ambition is to commence a revolution in the way that housing is financed on a national level.
  • Indian Voices – A focus on providing education and public awareness of Native Americans and the issues that are all an integral aspect of living in a worldwide community.  Description: To advance and promote a supportive system of information sharing grounded in Native Indigenous values and traditions while developing pioneering efforts to build bridges with emerging grassroots coalitions of labor and community groups in order to create a sustainable economic environment.

Chaos – Fashion, Print Media, and eclectic tastes.

Darkness – Gothic fashion, music, artwork, films, artists, craftspeople

Fairy Forest – A grassroots organization that provides environmental education, products and services from a youthful perspective

Willow Garden – A grassroots organization that provides environmental education, products and services

Yes! Photography – A compilation of photos, videos and artwork which includes but is  not limited to: print media, events, digitizing prints, and archival storage, the contributors are all clients of YGFI and are giving recognition and can be contacted if further information is desired.

Skye Research – Is the supportive element provided by YGFI who conducts archival research, source verification, administrative support, document preparation, and miscellaneous tasks as required.

Ellensburg Theater Company – Non-profit community theater in Gold Beach, Oregon who support acting, entertainment and the arts as a means of a creative outlet in such a beautiful setting!

Indigenous and Environmental Impact Report – An online newspaper developed to educate the world about the Native American people, and the environmental issues that affect the entire world.

DJ Suter Studios – An artist and photographer who needs administrative and social networking support.

Past Clients

D&M Creations – Craftspeople who specialize in driftwood crafts, photos, and homemade stitchery products.

C&J Designs – Small business that specializes in shelving units for use with flat screen televisions.

Hmong Sisterhood of Fresno – a community organization that provided emotional, language translation, legal advocacy, educational and moral support for Hmong women experiencing domestic violence.

Oregon Trail Lodge – A hotel in Gold Beach, Oregon who needed online social networking support for their hostel.

Modoc County Museum – A small museum in Alturas, California that needed a curation specialist and librarian as well as online social networking support.

River Center – A non-profit environmental organization which focused on public outreach and education for the waterways around Alturas, CA.

Curry County Museum – A small museum in Gold Beach, Oregon that needed a curation specialist and librarian and docent as well as online social networking support.

Whittlewind Alpacas – An alpaca farm with livestock, and yarns for sale.

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