Whitetop Laurel Band of Cherokee’s: My Father’s people.

The following is an excerpt from an article posted in a journal in 2013. The Tribal leader sent this article in response to my query as to my own ancestry. I am a descendant of George All Sizemore via my father and my paternal grandmother. This article is being submitted to Indian Voices as a reminder that we are all connected and the importance of listening to the elders as historical documentation such as the Census roll does not determine whether you are Indian.

MANCHESTER, Sep 19, 2013 – Direct descendants of The Whitetop laurel Band Of Cherokee’s that was established over 100 years ago has resurrected the tribe in the hart of Clay county, Manchester, Kentucky.

The Whitetop laurel Band Of Cherokee’s was originally established nine years before the Eastern Cherokee. The tribe was located in the tri-state Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee borders. The original Whitetop laurel Band Of Cherokee’s lasted over a decade and was mostly made up of Sizemore’s who where descendants of George All Sizemore.

About 2,000 of this same group of sizemore’s applied for the Eastern Cherokee for membership and all 2,000 where rejected for one reason or another. One being the Sizemore family was not on the Dawes or any Cherokee census rolls. A recent Sizemore DNA project tested the male Y-dna from descendants of George all Sizemore has shown and proven without a doubt, that George All Sizemore was Native Indian.
The Whitetop Band of Native Indians are the direct descendants of George All Sizemore. We are located in Southeastern Kentucky where many of our Sizemore ancestors had settled and hundreds still live even today. Our ancestor’s fought for a cause and now it is time that we inherit this cause and fight for what belongs to us. We are Native Indians, blood given to us from our ancestors and we also demand our rights in body.
The Tribe of The Whitetop Band Of Native Indians

In conclusion, listen to the stories, check the details, and most of all live the life of which your ancestors would be proud. – Yvonne-Cher Skye

8 responses to “Whitetop Laurel Band of Cherokee’s: My Father’s people.”

  1. I am a Sizemore descendant. Marcus aham Sizemore is my great grandfather. Old ned Sizemore is my 7 or 8th great grandfather. Would love to learn more about my native Indian heritage!

  2. kelli prince dynes Avatar
    kelli prince dynes

    Has there been any updates to the Whitetop Laurel Band being Federally recognized? George All Sizemore was my 6th great grandfather. I am interested in learning more of our ancestors, elders and traditions/culture.

  3. My Great-Grandmother was Sarah Jane Oliver(Sizemore) daughter of John (Hawk) Sizemore. My Mother was born in Hazard, Ky. Mom says that her Grandmother looked and dressed just like a Native American Cherokee and I now believe that she truly was.

  4. Sandra Lee Pyles Avatar
    Sandra Lee Pyles

    I’m a descendant of Mahala Sizemore Baldwin. Are any of you?

  5. Christian Stroud Avatar
    Christian Stroud

    George Edward “All Sizemore Cherokee Indian #2558 was my 7th great grandfather. I’d be interested as well into my past family history. I am at this point fascinated…

  6. How wonderful that you can trace your roots. I have some native DNA; some North American and some Mexican but have no idea what nation they belonged to.

    1. Further research into the geographical region where your relatives lived i.e. (before they were moved) may help you identify the nations you may be descended from, and same goes for your Mexican relatives. That culture is made up of several tribal nations as well.

      1. Thank you – I need to look back on the old records and see what I can piece together.

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