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The following is an example of theĀ module and the format utilized in each individual course, with details tailored specifically for that course: (review the body section to get a listing of each course number and subject). Payments to unlock full documents and packages can be made via Paypal

Lecture on the topics of maritime history, and related subjects in ancient, prehistoric and modern time.

Materials Needed:
Instructor: PowerPoint Presentation
Students: Journals, writing implements
Multimedia materials and formats as needed
Videos, Audio recordings, and graphics as needed

Vocabulary introduced:
Please see individual modules for specific vocabulary introduced
Instructors are invited to enhance existing vocabulary lists with terms of their own

All of Maritime History began with the observation of the oceans and rivers by man. It is a rich and exciting history that is often left out in universities, and offered as an independent course of study The modulesā€¦

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