Archayans = Humans


– Jhoanan’s wife she owns half of the pub and serves the customers; she does anything for her husband but secretly undermines him as much as possible. She has a brassy manner and brown hair with bluish eyes.

Davian – He dwells in the occult world; he has brown hair, blue eyes, and being a few years older than the others. He has acquired the skills of the arcane arts, he has focused on the development of these skills, he is a loner and spends most of his time practicing and honing the various skills he has, though Loura often visits and debates with him about his discoveries. His beliefs are neutral which frightened some of the villagers; as a result, he was shunned from the village, leading to find a cave along the circumference of the lake, where he could pursue his studies without disturbance. He preferred the illusion of a thin frame and shadowy eyes, constantly garbed in full-length robes containing many secret pockets. He was the leader of the group that was to become known as the heroes of Archaya.

Elisab – a girl often thought of as a fountain of information and she can talk to the animals. She is thin and wiry, and often takes on the characteristics of the animal with which she is communicating.

Gunthorp – Kakon’s dead uncle, a general from a previous battle intermediary between Kakon and Krah.

Hatol – a soldier, child of Krah, is tall thin muscular, dark hair and dark eyes. His focus is his physique and valor in battle, and he rarely spoke. A companion of Rhuba on the journey, he later became  known as the silent hero.

Jhoanan – He owns the only pub in town. Enjoys manipulating others and using their secrets against them he was willing to do anything to make a profit. He has sandy blond hair and piercing eyes, he observes all, the townspeople and the strangers, and he is full of information for a price.

Jordhhan – is a male that Rhuba once loved but now had wandered into the hills never to be seen again.

Justinn – Granddaughter of Rhuba, one of a set of twins, due to psychic limitations used a water table for her visions. She and her twin brother rarely agreed. She looked like her grandfather. She was a student of Papa, who protected them from other Archayans who wished to eradicate their kind.

Kakon – He fights his way through life; loved by all, slow mentally and wears his scars as medals. He often enrages Loura who throws things at him. His dark brown hair, light eyes and thick build, tall. His spirit animal is the Panther, known as the Panther Hero. He is a companion of Rhuba.

Karah – she accidentally ingested of a changeling cream; transforming into a crow, she accompanied the companions on their journey, she would communicate through Elisab.

Loura – Companion of Rhuba, she studies everything; possesses an intense mental focus, forgetting all else when something catches her interest. She normally explodes various chemicals in her lab on a weekly basis; she gets enraged and throws things at people who question her theories. Her hair is brown and curly, she has brown eyes and thin and short of stature. She lives in the valley of Archaya, near Kakon and Torana, and Stelan. Being a self proclaimed scientist she questions Morda.

Louran – grandson of Rhuba, current seer of the village, and one of a set of twins, who looked like his grandmother. He had a strong sense of vision, he communicated with his ancestors frequently. Under the tutelage of Papa, who was to protect the seers at all costs. If he looked closely into Papa’s eyes he would recognize his own color.

Machia – A bitter old woman that babbles on and on about herself and her insecurities, she runs the newly established whorehouse in the old fortress on the edge of the valley. She is money inclined.

Maoson – he is the elder Moral Community member who mentors Persius his position is one that stays at home, and watches all the activities of Persius through messengers, and having experienced certain occult events, he is lenient than most when it comes to the companions and their interactions with their gods.

Nowan -Thinks he is a lady charmer, and narcissistic. Bores everyone to death about everything he is a soldier blond hair, and blue eyes. He is one of the companions of Rhuba, he is the child of Krah

Papa – An elder in a village where the true stories were lost and it is his responsibility to reiterate the story of Rhuba to the youngsters who through the gap of time have forgotten the true stories behind the heroes of the battle that changed their world forever. He was one of the companions on the journey that would forever change Archaya. 

Persius – one of the moral community, who takes all of Davian’s actions as a personal taunt, he is convinced that the companions are in evil design, and takes it upon himself to hunt them. He misuses his power as a Moral Community member and dogs their steps during the entire journey.

Rhuba – central character of this tale, she is the descendant of long line of seers, and her ancestry stems from Burana. She is a female that is in love with every male that she sees. She spends most of her day fawning over the latest one. Has blond hair, blue eyes, medium height, and medium build. She inhabits the cave of the winds on the southern edge of town overlooking the valley of Archaya.

Samh – a general who discovers an ancient wood and creates the cane of Papa who is the main storyteller of this tale. He was in the battle of the Shoomallahs, and since he had an injury and was thought to have outlived his usefulness as a field warrior, he was forced into hospital duty.

Shourah – she contradicts all of what Wiloa says; she is the only one who remembers the real story. She has light brown graying hair, real long and gray eyes.

Stelan – his ancestry is the God of contemplation. Through the observation of Rhuba learned how to sense the changes in the energy of the terrestrial plain. He tends to fall in love with every female that he sees. He spends most of his day thinking about the future, writing poetry, and tending his gardens. Has black hair, brown eyes, medium height, and medium build. He lives in the valley near Kakon, Torana and Loura. He is one of the heroes of the battle of the Shoomallahs.

Torana – she writes about everyone, called the long-tongued teller of secrets, observes all, and tells everything from an unbiased view. She has light brown hair and light eyes. She is one of the companions of the Shoomallahs.

Wiloa -An older man who talks about his olden days, of a time no one remembers, except for his roommate Shourah. Has white poofy hair and bright blue eyes, and runs a bakery.

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