Archaya = Gods


The following is a short list of some of the Gods that are a part of Archayan history, myth and theology. All of the Gods were capable of changing their physical form, they were forbidden to interact with the humans of Archaya.

Burana-is the seers ancestor of Rhuba’s bloodline, she established the link between god and Archayans in times of past. Many of the neutral and light gods had created Archayan bloodlines so that they could intervene when Krah and the other dark gods brought forth their people to destroy the people on Archaya.

Chaos – is the great destroyer, he upsets all, and constantly changeable in form and design, all is affected by his presence.

Fraian – is the god of fire, he is a neutral deity, all he desires to do is consume everything, and the only beings that can hold him at bay are the water deities; three sisters, Lourda, Higga, and Fringg.

Fringg – is the youngest of the water deities, she is the first defrost of Spring, she is cold to the touch, but she has the strength of a fine stream that through its steady force is able to move great obstacles, she is the goddess of piety, and patience

Higga – is the middle aged water deity, she is found in the lakes, ponds, and fertile river, teeming with fish, she flows to the ocean, and in that embodiment is pregnant with all the sources of life, though she is temperamental and cruel at times, she is the protector of all who beseech her. Fertility goddess.

Krah-is the god of War, he has cruel black eyes, bloodshot, he has black curly hair that frames his face, he is very vain, and the primary cause of the destruction of several worlds.

Lourda – is the eldest of the water deities, she remembers the earliest days of Archaya, she can be found in the frozen ice that circumferences the planet, and the sky above, she is the rain that rinses away all memory, and destruction brought on by her younger sisters and other deities that through their destructive natures leave a mess to be cleansed.

Morda– is Mother Nature she is temperamental and changes on a whim, she is a personified entity but that comes later.

Parental Gods – the parents of all gods, sometimes referred to as the Mother and the Father. They were responsible for the disciplinary actions against the children gods when they create problems among themselves as well as with Morda.

Shaun – Krah’s brother, dark god, created the Wazzuts, the Shoomallahs, their brides, and various other dark creatures that inhabited their hostile planet as well as some that were imported to Archaya. He loved to create life. Though due to his twisted mind, all that he created bore a significant amount of his deliria. He was a larger god, his limbs out of proportion of the rest of his body. He had a keen mind, and a handsome face. He loved to seduce women of all species to create more life.

Ssaal – is the god of magic that Davian worships, he sees everything and knows more, he is personified as a young man with a blue glowing nimbus, he is neither good nor bad, he is one of the neutral deities.

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