Bad First Aid response in Denver Airport Travelogue for Disabled 11242018

Ok. so I am on my way to Hawaii.  I was walking on a sidewalk, and my foot slipped off of the edge, I twisted my right foot and tore the skin off of my left knee.  I then continued to walk for an hour seeking public transportation which I did not locate. Giving up, I could for a lyft ride.  I was not going to miss my flight to Hawaii.  So, I ignored my injuries.  I made to Denver International Airport and walked through TSA and to the gate of my departure.  My knee was hurting and I stopped to examine it.  The skin had torn off of my knee cap about the size of a silver dollar.  My jeans had ripped leaving the area exposed to wind, rubbing of jeans against and open wound.  I inquired at the frontier agent booth as to whether they had a first aid kit.  That was a negatory.  Then I was directed to a security station around the corner.  That man in strong Spanish accent told me I had to walk all the way back to the info desk or I could just buy some supplies in the store across the way.  I told the agent at the counter to not direct anyone to security, they are really not that helpful. I then sat down at the disable chairs and asked the agent could I sit here? He said Of Course and I was resting as the pain in my knee increased.  I did however get on the plane in the first grouping as I felt I would need a little more time to board as I was limping.

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