Travelogue for Disabled 11242018 Huh?

Please review the page that defines this project.

I am at the Portland Airport.  I had ordered a fish and chips meal and was standing at the exit line waiting to hear my name.  A woman dropped a tray with the fish and chips and said “Raven” which is a name I use in public for my orders.  As I approached the counter, she looked at me in the eyes and said “Baraven” I hesitated.  With I am certain was a quizzical expression.  “Brandon” she said this a third time louder.  Oh my, I am so embarrassed, and I moved out of the way as a young man came up to grab his tray. The server lady looked at me exasperated like “wait your turn!” I can’t tell you how many times I have endured these type of experiences.  I don’t look deaf, nor do I speak as if I am deaf so more often than not, I get a rude behavior who don’t realize the challenge I experience being unable to quite hear, or my brain translates the word into a different word, what is referred to by linguists as aphasia.

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