Fairy Forest, Willow Garden, Your Girl Friday International weblinks

Fairy Forest is an environmental education organization that I began in 1992.

I created a website on WordPress in 2013.


I also created a Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/Fairy-Forest-350086585100993

Somehow, lately many people have discovered Fairy forest via the FB page. The “All Babies are Cute!” posts show images of baby animals (and soon plants) so that human babies, children, and adults can view these adorable representations of our fellow inhabitants of the Earth. I am going to once again post articles that discuss environmental issues in an easy to read format so that educators and parents can use this as a resource to supplement their own teachings to their little ones.

It is the kid-friendly version of Willowgarden https://www.facebook.com/willowgardennews https://willowgardenygfi.wordpress.com

of which both are part of the Your Girl Friday International family.



2 responses to “Fairy Forest, Willow Garden, Your Girl Friday International weblinks”

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  2. […] Fairy Forest – Environmental education for youth. includes lesson plans, images and articles on environmental issues intended for a younger audience. fairyforestygfi.wordpress.com […]

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