Coiquille Crow – Oregon edition reboot.

Dear Readers,

The Coquille Crow has been on hold due to several reasons. The prominent reason is that the creator, edit and publisher was employed full-time at a healthcare organization to act as a document specialist for the COVID-19 response. As more time is now available for the hours that are required to research for the articles, business, hours/days open, and events that are the content of the Coquille Crow. I look forward to returning to this work in an area that has proven difficult to succeed professionally by several individuals due to lack of communication among various groups and/or the business organizations are failing the small business owner. As well as the elimination of print publications such as the phone book to provide a resource to the individuals who do not use the internet to lean what resources exist within the region. As before, the content is focused on secular life, an effort to provide an entertaining break from stressful work life within which too many people focus too much of their time on. Respectfully yours, Yvonne-Cher Skye

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