Skye Research – 2022 Characters

Ever since the concept of Maritime Anthropology (MATH) as a seminar course program, for sailors, yacht clubs and maritime enthusiasts, it has grown into my life’s work. The first 20 courses were developed together in 2015, while I worked aboard a tall ship in Chula Vista, CA. It was in 2017 that I developed the educational modules and research materials in order to assist instructor who wished to use these course in their classrooms. The additional course which now number to 30 were developed as a result of feedback from instructors, students and peers who offered their ideal subject encased within Maritime Anthropology. A few of the courses were altered as further materials and information was found. This website will continue to grow as I gather my notes together for the upcoming program will be offered as the lecture component of a bot building program with an accredited school in Southern Oregon. The future entries on all pages and posts will build a stronger foundation of those earlier courses and educational modules. The current focus is the introduction of the characters who fall under the various categories of the courses, all of which can be accessed by clicking the link at the top of each webpage. Follow this link to the Skye Research website.. Skye Research Website

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