Current Client Websites

Chaos – an outlet for articles, photos, beautiful products and positive messages to promote positive inspiration when the Chaos becomes too much to experience.

Coquille Crow – a small newspaper that indicate services and products with a focus on Arts, Entertainment and local business to showcase their products and services.

Fairy Forest – Environmental education for youth. includes lesson plans, images and articles on environmental issues intended for a younger audience.

Indigenous and Environmental Impact Report – Articles of environmental interest as well as articles that pertain to social groups who are affected by environmental issues and innovations.

Raven Knightshade – An author, musician who has published multiple books, articles and music in the horror and alternative/gothic rock genre.

Sinister October – the musical outlet for Raven Knightshade.

Skye Research – the organization that conducts research in a variety of topics, it is mainly focused in the online Maritime Anthropology program taught by a variety of instructors, including Yvonne-Cher Skye. 28 Courses taught are listed at the top of the page, with clickable links that lead to Glossary, Vocabulary, Characters, course syllabi, summaries and other related materials.

Willow Garden – An environmental education organization for adults which includes articles, photos and other related materials.

YES Photography – the photography group that provides images for all other clients of Your Girl Friday international.

Your Girl Friday International – that would be this website. This post is on.

Yvonne-Cher Skye – An author, researcher, photographer, freelance executive administrative assistant to a variety of top-level clients such as politicians, CEO’s, Directors, Celebrities et al. All of the sites listed her are examples of some of the works she has completed.

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