Penelope’s Diary Available Now!

Latest Book from Raven just in time for Halloween 2022

Raven Knightshade

Penelope’s Diary

A magical journal narrated by a child witch, a white witch. Everyday of the month bears a listing of influences of the day. Of which one can meditate upon to find their own inner strength which is truly the purpose of magic. The spirit of Penelope a nine-year-old girl who lived in a mid-western town of the United States. Her family were made up of a variety of magical practitioners who share her personal magical journey through the pages of her diary. The language and missing entries were left as she channeled the information. – She intends to return again to share more of her magic in the future. – Raven Knightshade

English paperback of (499) 8 x 11.5 sized pages of daily entries of journaling and lined pages throughout the text for owner to write their ideas using white magic in their lives.


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