Maritime Anthropology Book Options

Dear Readers,

For 001 – 027 courses there are currently paperback formats for the first editions of the educational modules all live and available on Amazon, and pre-orders available from Your Girl Frida International. Send us a postcard, with your request and contact information to: Your Girl Friday International 165 Alabama Ave Bandon, OR 97411

For 27 courses an KDP ebook of the Educational module booklet soon available.

A hardback version, a paperback version of the course book of each module to be released over the year 2023. They will no longer have the instructor documentation. However, they will have a comprehensive Bibliography and Glossary with references to modules in which further discussion on the given topic can be found.

Enjoy! The intent is to feed the curious mind on all topics maritime. Whether you are in individual scholar, a maritime club or group, a professional maritime institution, an educational institution that wishes to flesh out their curriculum, you are welcome to contact us and see if these courses can be tailored to fit your interests.

Yvonne-Cher Skye Amazon Author Page

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