A letter from the Story of Stuff,

The Story of Stuff is an organization that educates the public on how our consumerism is broken down after we purchase, use then discard the products to maintain a chosen lifestyle.

Fairy Forest – Environmental Education for Kids

Yvonne-Cher, Have you ever tried to repair an item only to find out that an upgrade is cheaper or a better deal? Companies intentionally make repair difficult. They monopolize access to their service know-how, tools and parts so that consumers are reliant on them for fixes. Electronics giants churn out software updates that slow older devices. Product manufacturers have perfected planned obsolescence. All this so that we cycle through and buy more of their Stuff. And, along with accelerated consumption comes more waste.Wear and tear is normal, but throwing away otherwise functional devices shouldn’t be. Rather than sending broken items to the landfill or paying companies an arm and a leg to fix them, we should have the right to repair our own devices. Story of Stuff is working in partnership with US PIRGs to pass Right To Repair legislation that supports more fixing, less wasting.A new bill…

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