Penelope’s Diary 11.03.2022

Raven Knightshade

November 3

Animal: Snake

Flower: Chrysanthemum

Gifts: Growth, Harmony, Health

Ogham: Ngetal

Stone: Topaz

Sun Sign: Scorpio

Tree: Reed

Dear Abby,

(A continuation from yesterday…)

Then the best part of the evening, when the grandfathers would share a story from the old ones. I am not sure how old the old ones really are, I just know that I like the drum and firelight that surround the words spoken by first one grandfather than the next without a break in between.

I wonder if they practice, they won’t tell me and I can’t ask, it would be rude. Tonight’s tale told of the beginnings of when our people gave up wandering for food and following the animals to staying in one place to grow our food, each animal had to give it’s blessing to our people and each did with a special rule we were to follow which…

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