Penelope’s Diary 11.11.2022

Raven Knightshade

November 11

Animal: Snake

Flower: Chrysanthemum

Gifts: Growth, Harmony, Health

Ogham: Ngetal

Stone: Topaz

Sun Sign: Scorpio

Tree: Reed

Dear Abby,

Ludi Plebie – honor of began 220 & 216 B.C. Nov 4 – 17 Public games Rome rest & pleasure all civil & judicial business must be suspended for fear of offending the gods.

I asked my mom what to do when I get sick like I did yesterday and she told me to wrap the white light around my chakras, especially my tummy or solar plexus (I had to make sure I spell that right), because that will protect me from getting sick. To do this: start with your toes, see a white light coming from the earth, grass, dirt under your feet see it flow up through your body, up your legs, and circling your seven chakras, starting with the root which is near your…

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