Penelope’s Diary 11.16.2022

Raven Knightshade

November 16

Animal: Snake

Flower: Chrysanthemum

Gifts: Growth, Harmony, Health

Ogham: Ngetal

Stone: Topaz

Sun Sign: Scorpio

Tree: Reed

Dear Abby,

Ludi Plebie – honor of began 220 & 216 B.C. Nov 4 – 17 Public games Rome rest & pleasure all civil & judicial business must be suspended for fear of offending the gods.

Today I learned a game about evergy saving. So when I see energies, they are a color. Blue, Black, Green, if they are mixed then mentally separate them, because each vibrate differently. So what you do is imagine a big clear round ball floating above you in the room or space you are in, fill it with one color almost so bright you can barely look at it. But enough that you know what color it is.

Once you are finished filling on ball, another clear one appears and then you fill it…

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