MATH 019 Superstitions Redwood Coast

Women aboard and 3 both bad luck Superstitions

Skye Research

1912, 24 Oct an article in East Oregonian : E.O. of Pendleton, Oregon. STEAMER CAMINO SAFE IN PORT Sun Francisco net. 1M. That the 75 passengers on the steamer Camino. Captain A. H. Ahlin. were more frightened during; the storm late Friday afternoon and night than just after the propeller was disabled early Saturday morning was the story they told upon arrival here Tuesday in tow of the steamer Watson. The Camino sailed from Astoria at 7 o’clock Friday morning and was struck by a heavy southeast and southwest gale soon after reaching the open sea. All night the storm was blowing a hurricane, with the decks awash and a foot of water in the cabins on the port side due to the list of the vessel. From 10 o’clock until midnight the gale was at its worst and many of the passengers donned life preservers for safety…

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