Captain K. A. Ahlin

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1881 Nov 07 an articles in the Sunday Oregonian stated that the PALLAS SETS SAIL from Portland. Attracts Much Attention in Harbor-by Trim Appearance; Apples Are Loaded. With a full cargo of flour, lumber and general freight, as well as the reputation of being one of the neatest and cleanest ships that has ever visited this port, the steamer Pallas left down from the Portland Flouring for South America fast fighting craft of navy en route sail P- 5r (lifeboat Type pf navy submarine mills at 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon for her second trip around South America. The Pallas is operating in the new Pacific-Argentine-Brazil line, managed by Swayne & Hoyt of San Francisco, and is the first of the three vessels in this line to complete the voyage circumnavigating the south ern continent. She is commanded by Captain K. A. Ahlin, veteran of many voyages. J. E. Thuesen…

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