Penelope’s Diary 12.02.2022

Raven Knightshade

December 02

Animal: Owl

Flower: Chrysanthemum

Gifts: Truth

Ogham: Ruis

Stone: Topaz

Sun Sign: Sagittarius

Tree: Elder

Dear Abby,

Brother Tomas mishap singed his eyebrows due to distraction.

“What?” he asked as he turned away from the component and the elemental he was controlling broke free, and stepped out of the circle drawn on the table, and erupted into flame. It was green, and looked like it was plastic could see every muscle.

The flame was gray as ash and then the creature was ash.

“What was that?” I asked.

“He was a swamp elemental, harmless really, unless trying to escape.” Tomas yelled at me.

I was opening my mouth to yell for mom. And decided to remind him.

“We are NOT supposed to invoke any elemental in the house without specific adult supervision. And when everyone knows they try to escape. This one just proved her point.

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