Captain Ahlstrom

Skye Research

Redwood Coast

1876 Oct 06 in an article in the Albany Resister stated that the faculty of r remaining ii the water for -a greater or less period of time, which has been enjoyable for making ever since the existence of the element itself, seems likely to be extended to fire, in the eve t of a fire-proof dress, the invention of a Swedish officer, Captain Ahlstrom, and which lias;come triumphant out of - every trial, proving ultimately successful. ..'At .a. Captain T Ahlstrom has moUI his invention lo .Prussia fiber; 50y 000 marks.

1902, April 22 in an article in the Portland evening journal it statd that  The new steam schooner Prentiss has been added to the Qray Steamship Company's fleet which ply between Portland and California ports, and Is expected to arrive at Carroll's, opposite West Point, Wednesday morning to load lumber and piling for San Francisco. It…

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