Penelope’s Diary 1.15.2023

Raven Knightshade

January 15

Animal: Goose

Flower: Carnation

Gifts: Beginnings, Renewal, Youth

Ogham: Beth

Stone: Garnet

Sun Sign: Capricorn

Tree: Birch

Dear Abby,

Today I got to visit with my new baby cousin Raquel. She is a few weeks old. We went to her house as it is too cold to bring the baby out into the weather.

She has beautiful green/blue eyes.

Part of a tradition we observe is in honor of Camentalia, a Roman Goddess, who protects and loves all women and girls, especially midwives, she is the bearer of prophecy,. Which according to Tomas, is where the idea of the fairy godmother came to be.

So we all were invited by my auntie and uncle to view the baby in her crib, and to write down on a piece a paper a vision, wish or dream which we see for her. Once we write it down, we…

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