Penelope’s Diary 1.16.2023

Raven Knightshade

January 16

Animal: Goose

Flower: Carnation

Gifts: Beginnings, Renewal, Youth

Ogham: Beth

Stone: Garnet

Sun Sign: Capricorn

Tree: Birch

Dear Abby,

I went to the river front park last summer. I took some up close photos of the geese that live on the shore. One came really close to me, and stared directly at my camera. He stretched his leg and his wing so I photoed them too. I have those photos in an album and today was cold and rainy so I stayed inside.

I wrote about how animals are our teachers. I see that Goose is the animal for this month. So while I looked through the pictures, I wondered what can I do that would honor the goose?

I know that they fly south for the winter so I won’t have any live ones to see for a little while. So I am going to…

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