Penelope’s Diary 1.19.2023

Raven Knightshade

January 19

Animal: Goose

Flower: Carnation

Gifts: Beginnings, Renewal, Youth

Ogham: Beth

Stone: Garnet

Sun Sign: Capricorn

Tree: Birch

Dear Abby,

Penny is attacking my pen as I write this, she loves to “help” me write when she is awake that is.

I am going to begin learning about herbs. Sort of like a kitchen witch who learns potions, tinctures, and such for good health and healing. My mother is quite skilled, and since she claims to have a black thumb, she allows others to grew the herbs she uses.

She has yet to see if I have a green thumb.

When I asked her about being a modern kitchen witch, she laughs and says that anyone whose true calling is to work with foods, herbs to make their family and friends full and content is a kitchen witch whether they face that reality or not!

She uses…

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