Penelope’s Diary 1.23.2023

Raven Knightshade

January 23

Animal: Otter

Flower: Carnation

Gifts: Connection, Expression. Protection

Ogham: Luis

Stone: Garnet

Sun Sign: Aquarius

Tree: Rowan

Suggestion: Use the lines on the next page to write about your thoughts on the symbols listed above, or thoughts on the journal entry.

Dear Abby,

In our back fields three is a pond. I like to watch the sit on its bank and watch the water. There are a lot of fish that swim in it. Sometimes they jump out. I like to keep count of how many I see. Also other animals come to it to drink, if I sit still, they feel safe enough to get to the water. I saw a few otters belly run to water and dive right in. I wonder how they hold their breath. I mean I have to use my fingers and pinch my nose. But they don’t they just…

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