Penelope’s Diary 1.24.2023

Raven Knightshade

January 24

Animal: Otter

Flower: Carnation

Gifts: Connection, Expression. Protection

Ogham: Luis

Stone: Garnet

Sun Sign: Aquarius

Tree: Rowan

Dear Abby,

Today is the Festival of Sementivae, I hope I spelled that right. It is a planting festival that honors Ceres, a Roman grain goddess. and Tellus, the earth Roman God Tradition is that the people honor Tellus from today to Jan 26. We are all spending the day preparing the house garden. The sun is out which is great. the last few days it has been raining. Tellus is wet and covered with branches and leaves.. My dad is pushing the roto tiller in rows. He says it is like giving Tellus a deep muscle massage. I am using the spade to shape mounds for the seeds. My brother is using a rake to clear leaves and branches ahead of dad. Mama and grandma and the aunties…

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