Browning Memorial Hospital An Introduction

Raven Knightshade

Browning Memorial Hospital

An Afterlife Institution

A place for guests who had spent a majority of their lives in a medical setting. Their life roles, whether as a patient, volunteer or an employee are maintained in their afterlife. The caretakers are aware of the special need for these guest to retain this illusion. As the craft of medicine has changed over the millennia. As each of the guests arrive with a set of ideas and experiences reflecting their time, the facility adjusts visually to satisfy their expectations. As a whole, the building, grounds, tools, uniforms and equipment change into familiar forms to maintain their illusions. It is absolutely confusing for the caretakers as they exist outside of the illusion. Each caretaker is capable of seeing all variances in a series of layers that reflect the guest’s personal illusion. As they encounter each guest, a level of clairvoyance and telekinetic skills…

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