Penelope’s Diary 2.5.2023

Raven Knightshade

February 05

Animal: Otter

Flower: Iris

Gifts: Connection, Expression. Protection

Ogham: Luis

Stone: Amethyst

Sun Sign: Aquarius

Tree: Rowan

Dear Abby,

I had a hard time waking up today. My eyes hurt and feel like there’s sand in them. I had a bunch of dreams some were good. Some were bad. I had to control them when they got too scary! I feel excited. I get to help in the kitchen again tomorrow. Today, we went to the green house and shake some dried herbs into pouporri, bowls. My aunt and uncle have a store where they sell herbs, and potions to the community residents. They have all sorts of interesting things from rocks to books to posters, clothes, and many other things.

We spent most of the day shaking dried bundles into bowls so they could make bads of herbs to sell. Working with sage requires gloves…

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