The Abbey Volume 1 Letter of Introduction

Raven Knightshade


I am Catelin, this is an introduction to one of the afterlife institutions, identified as the Abbey. As with all afterlife institutions, you the living are invited to read the files and narrations of the guests and caretakers who reside within these hallowed walls.  The Abbey houses those spirits who actively sought recognition and understanding of their lives after death.  Each guest has a specific reason for being housed at the Abbey rather than one of the other afterlife institutions.

The staff can be very accommodating and are always available to hear your woes.  All religions are represented here, for those who are too self-involved to acknowledge others.  They are housed on various floors within the Abbey.  Exterior is a grand cathedral, a mosque, a pyramid or whatever preferred architecture the guest chooses to illusion.

The mission statement of the Abbey, is that each individual is allowed to live…

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