Afterlife Institutions Updates 2.8.2023

Raven Knightshade

The Abbey is currently being written in a style similar to the original afterlife institution. An introduction letter written by that institution’s archivist, a description of the interior and exterior of the building and grounds. Followed by a Staff directory with descriptions of their living and professional quarters and their roles within the institutions. Then the files created by the caretaker’s describing the illusions of the guests of that institution.

Browning Memorial Hospital II there are more files, thus stories that belong to a second novel describing more medically related lifestyle choices.

Howard Place contains the stories pertaining to souls who are considered unsolved mysteries, disappearances from wilderness areas i.e. America’s National Parks the “missing 400”. My recent near death experience has caused this idea to coalesce into a more solid understanding of that area between the living and the dead. The interior consists of a lobby set with various…

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