Penelope’s Diary 2.8.2023

Raven Knightshade

February 08

Animal: Otter

Flower: Iris

Gifts: Connection, Expression. Protection

Ogham: Luis

Stone: Amethyst

Sun Sign: Aquarius

Tree: Rowan

Dear Abby,

Today was a fun day. When I walked to Tommy’s house I saw a cardinal. It was perched on a tree branch. Its feathers were beautiful. I saw several more fly to and land on the tree. They started chirping so I stopped to listen to their song. I didn’t try to guess at what they were saying, I just enjoyed them. My heart filled with pride.

Tommy’s house was fun, when we get really into playing imagination games. Things move around the rooms by themselves.

A wooden box high up on a shelf fell to the floor. It fell sideways and a pile of comic books fell out into a pile. Still in their plastic covers, we looked at the covers.

Tommy said we had to…

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