Penelope’s Diary 2.26.2023

Raven Knightshade

February 26

Animal: Wolf

Flower: Iris

Gifts: change one’s outlook, inertia, strength

Ogham: Nion

Stone: Amethyst

Sun Sign: Pisces

Tree: Ash

Feb 20 – Mar 19 Wolf Pisces

Dear Abby,

My friend Allison is rich. She gets everything that she wants. She has no brothers or sisters, so her parents spoil her! Most times we get along fine, even great. But today she was really upset. Her mom had told her that she had no use for a new phone. She spent most of the two hours at my house telling me why she needed te new phone. I got tired of her complaining, and said “I don’t even have a cell phone.” Well, that’s ‘cuase you have clairvoyance, you just think and your family knows what you are saying. You are so lucky.” I was so surprised,

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