Penelope’s Diary 2.28.2023

Raven Knightshade

February 28

Animal: Wolf

Flower: Iris

Gifts: change one’s outlook, inertia, strength

Ogham: Nion

Stone: Amethyst

Sun Sign: Pisces

Tree: Ash

Dear Abby,

I have been seeing those rocks we collected sitting on my table. I felt bad I had ignored them for too long. To make up for it. Since the amethyst is the current stone. I picked out the pieces I collected. I laid paper towels along the window sill. I took a spoon and drew out rainwater that had been soaking in the moonlight. I carefully dropped the rainwater over the rocks to allow the sun to dry it. I sent up a prayer to the many earth goddesses that I could remember to bless my amethyst.

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