Penelope’s Diary 3.1.2023

Raven Knightshade

March 01

Animal: Wolf

Flower: Daffodil

Gifts: change one’s outlook, inertia, strength

Ogham: Nion

Stone: Aquamarine

Sun Sign: Pisces

Tree: Ash

Dear Abby,

Martenitza Bulgaria is when people give martenitzas – two joined tassels of red-and-white woolen thread resembling a simple Christmas decoration symbolizing health and happiness. Women wear red Greece March is tied to wrist or toe of a child to protect them from March Sun. remove one see first stork or swallow.

Matronalia – Honor the Roman goddess Juno and Marriage, protector of women, promotes peace and harmony.

I love when my mother and her sisters join together to honor Juno. They sing songs and each adds her voice with years of practice they harmonize sweetly. i am so happy.

Suggestion: Use the lines on the next page to write about your thoughts on the symbols listed above, or thoughts on the journal entry.

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