MATH 017 Monsters A

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AFANC is a Welsh, Celtic monster. That lives in a lake near Betws-y-Coed. It looks like a combination of a beaver and a crocodile. When seen, it hunches on all four legs.

AHUIZOTL A water dog monster depicted in glyphs near Lake Texcoco, Mexico. Aztec mythology. Lures people to their deaths. It became a symbol of a ruler who bore its name. Hernán Cortés once reported one of his Conquistadors was eaten by this beast.

AIGLEone of the Hesperides who were evening nymphs in Greek Mythology They were guarded by the daughters of Nyx and Atlas or Erebus. They were named Aigle, Arethusa, Erytheia, Hespere and Hesperethusa. One of the labors of Hercules was to capture the golden apples.

ANTAEUS a giant and the son of Poseiden and Gaia. He fought with Hercules. His strength was maintained as long as he stayed in contact with the earth-mother. Greek Mythology.

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