MATH 017 Monsters B

Skye Research

BAKUNAWA a monster of the Philippines. This sinuous sea dragon was large. Its movements could cause natural events and disasters, like eclipses, earthquakes and monsoons. Ancient Filipino shaman often included references to this monster in their rituals. Historical records depict the monster with a single horn and a long, looped tail.

BEISHT KIONE One of the most feared beasts among Irish fishermen. ‘Beast With a Black Head’ was a serpentine eel-dragon that lurked in the deepest depths of the ocean. In old Irish fables. They live in sea-caves near Spanish Head beyond the southern reaches of the Isle of Man.

BOOBRIE a Scottish monster shapeshifter preys on livestock. Swims in the lochs on Scotland’s west coast. Usually it is a giant water bird, similar to a great auk.

BORDA is an Italian monster is a blindfolded and abhorrent inhabitant of bogs, swamps, marshlands, ponds and canals. She is a nursery…

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