MATH 017 Monsters C

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CADBOROSAURUS is a modern monster that looks like a sea serpent in the folklore of the region of British Columbia. A scientific name has been given as Cadborosaurus willsi. A serpent with a horse’s head and long neck, and small front flippers, and a pair of hind flippers , and a large fan-like tail. There have been several instances where the Caddy was misidentified and determined to be another species. Some of those beasts are as follows: Sea Lion, Giant Oarfish, Basking Shark, Pipefish, and whales.

CAPE COD MONSTER is a modern monster that was seen in 1926 a sea serpent one of many that were spotted in the south of Boston Harbor region. 1830 – 1948

CAPE SAO ROGUE MONSTER was seen by the crew of the Pauline on January 18, 1875. The shipmaster George Drevar viewed what looked like white pillars 20 miles off of the coast of…

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