MATH 017 Monsters G

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GLOBSTER atr modern monsters Usually washed-up carcasses. bleached organic masses that appear on coastlines and are instantly unrecognisable.

GOBLIN SHARK a modern monster, seen in Japanese waters, off the coast of Florida, and Australia. It is the only member of the Mitsukurinidae Family. Species is 125 million years old. It has an unusual snout. 35 to 53 teeth, of upper teeth and 31 to 62 rows of lower teeth.

GRINDYLOWS an English monsters. this thin, sinewy creature lived in the moors, lakes and bogs of Yorkshire and Lancashire. The name was thought to be derived from Grendel, who appeared in Beowulf and various Old English charters.

GUNAKADEIT a Tlingit monster A wolfish sea monster slain by a young hunter in a Tlingit myth – the hunter then wore the monster’s skin and used the meat to feed his village.

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