MATH 017 Monsters H

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H AFGUFA an Icelandic monster. Found in the black depths of the Greenland Sea, this island-sized sea monster would follow the lead of our previous turtle-friend and disguise itself as a string of rocks when it rose from the sea at low tide. It was described in the legendary saga of Örvar-Odds. It feeds on whales and ships.



HEDAMMU a Hurrian-Hittite monster A trouble-making sea-snake on the Syrian coast, this monster was the son of a god called Kumarbi. Once almost consumed Ishtar, an ancient Mesopotamian goddess who used to personify Heaven.

HESPEREa Greek monster. One of the Hesperides who were evening nymphs. They were guarded by the daughters of Nyx and Atlas or Erebus. They were named Aigle, Arethusa, Erytheia, Hespere and Hesperethusa. One of the labors of Hercules was to capture the golden apples.

HESPOERETHUSA a Greek ,monster. One of the Hesperides who were…

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