MATH 017 Monsters K

Skye Research

KAPPA a Japanese monster. A hirsute water sprite or ‘water tiger’ that was notoriously impish. It looks like a cross between frog and tiger, with a turtle’s carapace.

KELPIE a Celtic monster. This form-changing water spirit had a ghostly image. It takes the form of a beautiful undressed woman. In Scottish Celtic legends it appeared as a black horse-like creature.

KRAKEN a Greek monster/ As in ‘Release the…’ – this sprawling giant squid is all teeth and tentacles and aptly equipped for bringing ships to their splintered knees.

KRAKEN a modern monster of ancient times, which is said to appear off of the coast of Norway and Greenland. It is a large octopus with large suckers. Ancient times it was described a massive whale or crab, but not like any known species.

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