MATH 017 Monsters L

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LABBY a Babylonian monster. An ancient Mesopotamian creature that took the popular form of a sea dragon. It slithered into the Epic of Gilgamesh at fifty-leagues long.

LADON an immortal Greek monster who had 100 heads. He guarded the golden apples of the Hesperides of which Hercules had to fight during one of his labors. It was the child of Echidna and Typhon..

LEVIATHAN aJewish mnster. Subject of many paintings and old Hebrew tales, this primeval sea serpent lived near Hellmouth, or ‘the jaws of Hell’. The word is now used more commonly to refer to whales and other sea monsters of impossible size. A sea monster written of in the Judaeo-Christian Bible in the books of Job, Psalms, and Isaiah.

LOCH NESS monster is a large aquatic animal the looks like a serpent, or a plesiorsaur reptile, reported to have been seen by thousands near the Loch Ness in…

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