MATH 017 Monsters M

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MAKARA a Hindu monster. These sea creatures are protectors positioned as guardians at throne entrances and entryways into sacred sites and temples. Makara is also a word used to describe any animal/human hybrid with a mixed land animal torso and aquatic lower body, like a mermaid.

MANTA DEVIL FISH was found in1953 in New Jersey, it weighed 500 pounds with a wingspan of 23 feet.

MARDUK was a god from ancient Mesopotamia. A patron deity of Babylon.

MELUSINEan European monster. Merfolk or a Mermaid, these feminine spirits lounge in well-fed springs and rivers.They are serpents from the waist down.



MOBY DICK The white ship-sinking sperm whale invented by Herman Melville and pursued in Hermann Melville’s eponymous book by Captain Ahab, as he descends into obsessive insanity.

MOKèLé-MBèMBé A Congolese monster. Primordial wildlife, this long-necked denizen of the Congo River Basin. Described as having the appearance of an apatosaurus…

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