MATH 017 Monsters N

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NAHANT BEACH MONSTER a sea serpent also known as the Gloucester Sea Serpent, during the 1800’s. First sighting was 1638 at Gloucester. A story of a Native American forbidding the Englishman from killing it as it would bode ill. In 1817, another serpent was seen off Cape Ann by hundreds of spectators. In 1877 another sea serpent was seen in Massachusetts Bay, reported on in the Boston Globe.

NAIADS a Greek Monster. Playful nymphs who find their nudist fun in flowing brooks, waterfalls and wells.

NECK, THE Ascandinavian monster mysterious water sprite lives in rivers, streams, creek and lakes. He is often seen nude, as a young boy or an old man with a long white beard. He drowns people careless swimmer or lure to underwater to his kingdom where he held them captive. One can tell where he may be due to flowering lilies, the neck was somewhere nearby…

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