MATH 017 Monsters T

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TERRIBLE DOGFISH Described in The Adventures of Pinocchio as a ginormous dogfish. This monster Is bigger than a five-story building and almost a kilometer long, excluding its tail. It also had three rows of teeth. It has enough room in its throat to swallow an oncoming train.

THOR is a Nordic god who is the arch-enemy of Jormungandr. Thor caught him once, but a giant named Hymir cut the line out of fear of the size of Jormungandr which allowed him to sink back beneath the waves.

TIAMAT a Babylonian monster: The draconic monster and primordial salt sea goddess who embodies both chaos and the ocean. Tiamat mated with the god of fresh water and in turn created the cosmos.Is a primeval monster defeated by Marduk. She is defined as the archetype of Chaos, and compared to Leviathan, and Lotan.

TIGER FISH which is a modern animal it had 32…

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