Penelope’s Diary 3.11.2023

Raven Knightshade

March 11

Animal: Wolf

Flower: Daffodil

Gifts: change one’s outlook, inertia, strength

Ogham: Nion

Stone: Aquamarine

Sun Sign: Pisces

Tree: Ash

Dear Abby,

Ogham Trees Alder – conquer obstacles, strength, protection, health

The Ogham this month is Nion. Trees, specifically Alder I want to learn how to know the trees. I asked for a field guide from our library. Mom picked one from one of the high shelves on our bookshelf. It was wrinkled and dirty. She laughed. “This is allowed outside. Don’t lose it.” I took it outside and spent all day learning the leaves I found on the ground. It is going to take a long time to learn them all. But I like it.

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