Captain Erich Arntsen

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In an article in the Morning Oregonian of Portland, Oregon on May 15, 1920 stated that: The crew of the tug Hunter of Grays Harbor was brought here last night by -Captain Erick Arntsen of the Phyllis from San Francisco, which went to tne rescue for the tug, which was foundering just south of the Umatilla lightship. The Phyllis got a line on the tug and attempted to tow her but the Hunter filled so fast that this was found impossible to do. There were six men in the crew of the tug, which was-bound for the sound.

An article in The Oregon statesman of Salem, Oregon on May 15, 1920, stated: TACOMA – Wash.. May 14. Taken from the, tug Hunter, found sinking at sea by the steamer Phyllis. Captain Erlck Arntsen. the crew of six men of the Hunter were brought to Tacoma tonight by the Phyllis. The…

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