Captain Asplund

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In an article on the Morning Oregonian of Portland, Or.egon on March 25, 1909 it stated: SOUTH BEND, Wash.. March 24. (Special.) The steamship Shoshone. Captain Asplund, which passed this place at 5 P.M. yesterday with a lumber cargo from Raymond, encountered a tremendously rough bar and at about 6:30 A. M. a heavy sea over- MAKE BUILDER’S TRIAL TRIP TODAY … overwhelmed her, carrying away the main mast, both lifeboats, the house and most of her deck load. Olaf Nelson, a fireman, was swept overboard and drowned. The Shoshone returned to this place this morning and is now lying at South Bend wharf. Captain Asplund has telegraphed the owners and is now awaiting orders. The Shoshone is uninsured. It is estimated the loss will be 1200 to the vesse1 and $5500 to the lumber cargo. The steam schooner Shoshone was built in Fairhaven, California, in 1908. She is owned…

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