Penelope’s Diary 04.02.2023

Raven Knightshade

April 02

Animal: Falcon

Flower: Daisy

Gifts: Endurance, Passion, Strength

Ogham: Fearn

Stone: Diamond

Sun Sign: Aries

Tree: Alder

Dear Abby,

Today is play outside day. My dad laughed he said everyday was play outside when he was a kid. The only time they had to stay inside was during thunderstorms and tornadoes. My mom rolled her eyes, and said “oh Jack, really now.” I think he was making up story. I asked if I could get help celebrating International Children’s Book day. My dad took his kindle outside to the back porch, we sat at the table and he read a few books in Italian. I like it when he reads it is so pretty. I know some of the words. But to be honest it is the sound of his voice. He knows what he is reading. And his voice vibrates better than when he speaks…

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